Friday, August 29, 2008

Wall Painting Done

All the walls are painted. There's still the ceiling, and it turns out the shelf thing in the basement is nailed in and won't come out, so we probably won't be painting that. I doubt we'll do the ceiling either. Who knows...

I just uploaded a ton of pictures, since tonight is the first night I've brought my laptop home in a week or two. The last set is our hike last weekend, which has a bunch of good ones.

We made apricot leather tonight, which is basically just mashing up apricots, cooking them for awhile, putting it through the blender, and then drying it out, either in the oven or outside. We're going to let it dry out tomorrow outside, and then we'll see how it tastes!

I finally submitted my paper today. It was good to finally get it done, although it dragged on for so long that there's a bunch of stuff I need to catch up on. For tonight though, we celebrate!

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