Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Twice monthly update

Let's seee.... It's still hot, up to almost a hundred today. Yikes! But it's supposed to drop down to 87 tomorrow, which should be quite nice. Fall is coming!

Tiffany made a wonderful apricot pie using the apricots in our backyard, with the recipe from my Dad. She even made the crust herself! It turned out great, as I said, and didn't last more than three days with just the two of us devouring it.

I've started working at my little cubicle at the university of utah. So far I haven't met anyone in the department other than the administrative people and the chair. And the table and lamp, etc. Har har har. Anyway, actually my cubicle is rather big. Enough space for two people for sure, so we'll see if they stick anyone else in the cubicle with me.

I signed up for fall league tonight. Hopefully it will be better than summer league, which was pretty crappy. At least these games will be right by the university instead of 10 miles south of it. I don't know why, but almost none of the really good players play in league. It's very different from Tucson.

We got a piano a few days ago. It fits in perfectly in our front room and Tiffany is enjoying it right now as I type this. It hasn't been tuned yet (and wasn't tuned for the past three years or something like that), so it still sounds a bit rough, but once it's tuned it will be fantastic.

I started doing some minor yoga stuff the past couple of days to improve my flexibility. We'll see if I stick with it.

I think that's it for now!


Jeffra Diane said...

100 degrees!!! So glad it was not that hot when I was there, I don't think I could have been anywhere near as productive. You probably would have had to peel me off the couch or the floor.

I wish I could have had a taste of that apricot pie (which incidentally is my favorite kind of pie).

So did you get a nicer piano this time? One that you can actually sell? and where did you put it?

Can you tell that I can anxious to see pictures. Make sure you bring lots with you when you come. We can show them on the TV (that's what I've been doing lately).

LOve you!

Shane said...

We did get a nicer piano this time. If we ever have to, I'm sure we'll be able to sell it. However, it's nice enough that we'll probably take it with us the next time we move.

We'll definitely bring pictures back to SJ next weekend.

Love you too!