Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pita bread and hiking

I made some pita bread tonight. It smells good! Can't wait to try it for lunch tomorrow with the walnut-feta pate. Ain't that moosewood cookbook great?

We went on a great hike in Little Cottonwood canyon on Sunday. It was about 8 miles or so with a lake along the way. We were trying to get to the top, but the trail wasn't clear and we lost our way. Tiffany took some pictures on her camera, and I'm hoping to get them uploaded this week

Tiffany also did some painting in our upstairs bathroom tonight, finishing it off with a stripe of purple along the top. It looks really fantastic. There's a shelving unit down in the extra basement room that we think might go well in the bathroom, and that would pretty much finish that room off! Then there's the downstairs bathroom, then the ceiling in the upstairs hallway, and I think that's it for the house.


El Marco said...

Walnut-feta pate and GREAT in the same paragraph? Has Shane's body been taken over by aliens? You might even try walnuts in pesto. They work GREAT! Still searching for a great veggie burger though...

Your bro Tucker's mentor,
Mr B

Jeffra Diane said...

You're going to paint the downstairs bathroom? You will be so happy when it is all done.