Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Merry Inauguration Day!

Can't wait to watch Obama's speech!  And good riddance to the reign of error!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Go Sharks!

Just finished watching the Sharks beat the Red Wings 6-5 in SJ.  It was a great game.  Maybe I'm just too pessimistic, but it seems like Detroit's a touch better than the Sharks.  But San Jose is really good too, so any time they play I think either team can win.

We went cross-country skiing again today.  I'm definitely getting better, but there were some tough times when we got off the beaten path.  Next time I'll try to bring the video camera.  Tiff took a couple movies with her digital camera; maybe I can post one of them tomorrow.  Sirius did really well and didn't jump on anyone at all!

Speaking of Sirius, he's got some kind of ear problem.  Probably allergies or something.  He shakes his head and scratches his left ear a lot.  We've been cleaning it out with these special wipes, but I think we'll have to take him to a vet on Monday or Tuesday. 

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Blogging Sucks

It's been like 23 weeks or so since my last post.

Let's see... Tiffany passed her MPRE (ethics law exam, where the goal is to provide the least ethical response to each question). Go Tiff!!

We went back to California for Thanksgiving and had a good time.

I had a thesis committee meeting in Tucson, went back to Salt Lake for a few days, then traveled to a conference in Socorro, NM two weeks before Christmas, then to home in SJ for Christmas, then to Colorado Springs for a couple days with Tiff's family, and then finally we drove back to Salt Lake on the 31st.

Yesterday we went to REI and bought cross-country skis and did some skiing that very day. It was tough learning how to do it for me, but it was fun. Tiffany really likes it quite a bit. Sirius got to come along too, but he got too excited and jumped at people that were skiing downhill. We might have to take him to obedience lessons so he doesn't do that stuff...

Today we snowshoed up in some hills behind the university of Utah. It was pretty much straight uphill, which my snowshoes aren't quite equipped for (I ended up going up on all fours). But Tiff's are quite good and she didn't have too much of a problem. Once we got to the top there was a very nice view of the city.

It's cold today!! 20 degrees or something is the high. Finally time to take the Christmas lights down. Tonight is my first night of indoor winter ultimate frisbee league. I'm looking forward to it quite a bit!