Saturday, July 26, 2008

Still Not Settled, But...

at least we have a place!!! We found a really cute place that will have plenty of room for George Washington Disaster to sleep the night before/after falling leaffing it down the mountains of Salt Lake City.

I'll post pictures when I can, but for now Tiffany and I are travelling round the southwest. We left Friday evening (after signing the lease Thursday night) for San Diego. That's where we are right now, in the airport. One of my friends from high school got married at a brewery (a good idea, for those of you thinking about where to hold your next wedding ceremony) in SD, and so here we are.

Next we fly to Tucson to pack and clean up our old house. Then tomorrow night Tiff flies back to SLC for work, and I hang around for another week to work and finish packing. Then I get to drive by myself (unless I can find a volunteer to go with me! any takers?) up to SLC, where hopefully our new landlord and his friends will help me unload. Then we can start painting! With the help of Jeffra, who will be arriving on August 5th. Yep Jeffra, aren't you lucky!!


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Still Temporarily Settled

We're still at the same hostel, and we're still madly searching for housing. Although we just got back from a two day road trip to the western desert of Utah, to check out a number of wilderness areas that Tiffany will be protecting (Protector of the Wilderness!!).

We're going to check out a triplex for the second time today. It has ugly carpet and a not-so-good floor plan (it's a four bedroom designed for college students, so each room is fairly small and isolated), plus there was kind of a weird smell the last time we were there. BUT, every room has several windows, and there's a cute attic with a couple of rooms where we could put a guest bed and some office stuff. The carpet will supposedly get cleaned before we move in (or possibly replaced, but if we're getting a dog it might be better if we didn't have to worry about a brand new carpet). There is space to grow a garden or three, which is nice. We'd have the front yard while the other two units have the backyard. The other two tenants are below us, so we probably wouldn't ever hear them, but nonetheless there was a weird, not very agreeable smell that would be a deal-breaker if it was still there when we check it out again today. If this place doesn't work out, we'll try to find a month-month place for August.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Temporarily Settled in SLC

Tiff and I are set up in a hostel in SLC. We got here Saturday night and have spent just about every free moment searching for a place to live on a more permanent basis, but so far we haven't found anything quite right. We've found a bunch of places that are too big and expensive and a bunch of places that are too small. There was one close call two nights ago, but it had a major drawback: the bathroom was tiny, in lousy shape, and every time I walked in I would have to duck down about a foot or so just to get through the doorway. Also, the kitchen had no cabinets. But the outside was nice, it was in a great location, the living room had wood flooring (although it was painted brown...) and the landlord seemed like a good guy. Alas, the bathroom was pretty much a dealbreaker.

Tiff's in Moab today for "orientation." I'm checking another place out at noon, then we have a couple appointments for Saturday. Hopefully we'll find a place soon. I'd rather not stay in the hostel for another week.