Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nearing Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving Eve. Tiff and I went to Berkeley last night and met up with Jessica for dinner at Char-am. Let's see, what did we all order... We shared three plates of chicken and vegetables with various types of curry sauce. There was a bit of confusion over the tea... "We'd like Thai hot tea please" "Thai iced tea for 3, ok" "No no, we want the hot tea" (it was darn cold outside!)". And there was a bit of confusion over the meat "We'd like number 28" "What kind of meat with that?" "Yes!" "What kind of meat?" "Oh, sorry! Chicken."

Then we marched over to Yogurt Park for some frozen yogurt. I over-did it by ordering a small and having a tough time finishing it. Just like the old days...

Lots of reminiscing overall. Tiffany ran the fire trail earlier and really enjoyed it (perfect running weather!). Oh yes, and the tree-sitters protesting the construction of a new practice facility for football by living in the trees that would have to be cut down for months straight without coming down. Ahh, Berkeley!

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