Friday, November 2, 2007

End of a long Week

Survived through the week somehow... My thesis committee meeting went reasonably well yesterday although it's still fairly early on, so there wasn't a whole lot for them to say, other than "meet the deadlines you've set for yourself."

Hopefully I can relax a bit this weekend while preparing for my talk on Monday. It'll be great to have my parents in town this week (and Tucker too!). Hopefully the earthquakes won't follow them to AZ!

The piano is sounding good after a two hour tuning session on Wednesday. It's already gotten a bit out of tune (not that I could tell) but the tuner dude is coming back in a month or so to finish the job. It's great to have it in the house sounding nice. I'm already learning a bit too. I can play Happy Birthday, using the cue card Tiff made :)

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