Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Tiffany and I recently went through our finances and found that we had saved up a bit more money than we thought we would, so I decided it's high time I start donating some of my disposable income to causes that really deserve it. I had been thinking about donating to a non-profit dedicated to saving the environment, but nothing quite appealed to me.

Then, yesterday, I heard about the Harlem Children's Zone, a 100 block area in Harlem where the focus is placed entirely on giving children the best chance to succeed, all the way from birth through college graduation. It struck me as exactly the right way to go about giving kids the right environment in which to grow up. So, this morning, I donated $100 (and now I get my own special HCZ hat!!). I encourage everyone to check out their website, and if you feel like it, give 'em money!

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