Thursday, July 10, 2008

Temporarily Settled in SLC

Tiff and I are set up in a hostel in SLC. We got here Saturday night and have spent just about every free moment searching for a place to live on a more permanent basis, but so far we haven't found anything quite right. We've found a bunch of places that are too big and expensive and a bunch of places that are too small. There was one close call two nights ago, but it had a major drawback: the bathroom was tiny, in lousy shape, and every time I walked in I would have to duck down about a foot or so just to get through the doorway. Also, the kitchen had no cabinets. But the outside was nice, it was in a great location, the living room had wood flooring (although it was painted brown...) and the landlord seemed like a good guy. Alas, the bathroom was pretty much a dealbreaker.

Tiff's in Moab today for "orientation." I'm checking another place out at noon, then we have a couple appointments for Saturday. Hopefully we'll find a place soon. I'd rather not stay in the hostel for another week.

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Jeffra Diane said...

Thanks for the update.