Sunday, July 20, 2008

Still Temporarily Settled

We're still at the same hostel, and we're still madly searching for housing. Although we just got back from a two day road trip to the western desert of Utah, to check out a number of wilderness areas that Tiffany will be protecting (Protector of the Wilderness!!).

We're going to check out a triplex for the second time today. It has ugly carpet and a not-so-good floor plan (it's a four bedroom designed for college students, so each room is fairly small and isolated), plus there was kind of a weird smell the last time we were there. BUT, every room has several windows, and there's a cute attic with a couple of rooms where we could put a guest bed and some office stuff. The carpet will supposedly get cleaned before we move in (or possibly replaced, but if we're getting a dog it might be better if we didn't have to worry about a brand new carpet). There is space to grow a garden or three, which is nice. We'd have the front yard while the other two units have the backyard. The other two tenants are below us, so we probably wouldn't ever hear them, but nonetheless there was a weird, not very agreeable smell that would be a deal-breaker if it was still there when we check it out again today. If this place doesn't work out, we'll try to find a month-month place for August.

4 comments: said...

"and there's a cute attic with a couple of rooms where we could put a guest bed and some office stuff" mean there's a cute attic which could serve as desika's SLC room when george washington carver returns this january??!!!

Jeffra Diane said...

A dog??? You're planning to get a dog. Wow! Cool.

Shane said...

"George Washington Carver? Whatever... More like George Washington Disaster."

-Tiffles99 said...

i'm the master of disaster i be spraying snow like jedi mind master best check yourself while i ride down faster and leave you in the dust to finish last last laster.

consider the guantlet dropped!

i'll see yall in january in SLC to have a snow spraying showdown!