Sunday, December 9, 2007

Was sick, but not too much anymore

After the frisbee tournament I was a little sick, but now I'm doing better. Unfortunately the cold I had is hitting Tiff pretty hard right now. She's trying to study for finals too, which is probably not making recovery any easier. Hopefully those Zinc pills will actually start doing something soon!

I went for a long bike ride today (long by my standards anyway) of 38 miles. It took me about 2 and a half hours to finish. Most of the route was on city streets and wasn't that great, but part of it was through Saguaro National Park East and that part was an amazing 8 mile ride. When it was over I couldn't believe it. I thought I'd only gone 4 miles! It had lots of ups and downs, almost no traffic, and was extremely well-paved. Not only that, but it was in a beautiful setting and I saw snow on the tops of a nearby mountain! Pretty cool.

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Jeffra Diane said...

Did you take any photos?