Sunday, January 18, 2009

Go Sharks!

Just finished watching the Sharks beat the Red Wings 6-5 in SJ.  It was a great game.  Maybe I'm just too pessimistic, but it seems like Detroit's a touch better than the Sharks.  But San Jose is really good too, so any time they play I think either team can win.

We went cross-country skiing again today.  I'm definitely getting better, but there were some tough times when we got off the beaten path.  Next time I'll try to bring the video camera.  Tiff took a couple movies with her digital camera; maybe I can post one of them tomorrow.  Sirius did really well and didn't jump on anyone at all!

Speaking of Sirius, he's got some kind of ear problem.  Probably allergies or something.  He shakes his head and scratches his left ear a lot.  We've been cleaning it out with these special wipes, but I think we'll have to take him to a vet on Monday or Tuesday. 

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Lorene said...

Hope he feels better soon.