Friday, September 5, 2008

Almost got myself run over

Biking back from work there's this busy intersection where the cars fly by at 40 mph and don't have to stop. I made a stupid decision to try and cross when there was a brief break in the traffic, but I failed to check for traffic on the right (for the previous minute there had been nothing but a steady stream of traffic from the left). Naturally there's some old lady zooming down the road from the right who has to break really hard so she doesn't hit me. It wasn't actually THAT close, but her breaks sure did make a lot of noise. I decided I'm not crossing that intersection anymore. At least not at rush hour...

Tomorrow we are headed back to the bay area for a friend's wedding and my Mom's birthday. Should be a fun weekend!

Tiff is still working on protest stuff for SUWA, and it's 12:30am!! There's this crazy push from the Bush administration to force the BLM to open up practically all of their land to off-road-vehicle use and other really environmentally-unfriendly activities before Bush is outta there. So SUWA has to work like crazy to protect the Utah wilderness. Gotta fight the good fight!

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