Thursday, March 27, 2008

No Stairway; Denied!

Nelson, Jayme, and Mary are here in Tucson visiting us this week. Nelson has been educating us on various movie quotes that Tiff and I are woefully uninformed about.

I just signed up for Delta Skymiles, which ought to be useful after we move to SLC. Tomorrow morning someone is coming to replace the windshield on my car.

I'm captaining a frisbee league team this season, and so far it's going great except that we didn't have any beer last week. Shameful.

Tiffany had a nice treasure hunt the day of her birthday, and then had a little party the following Saturday night that was a lot of fun.

Last weekend I was in SJ with my family for Easter, which was great. They've done a lot of work fixing up the house and and it's looking very nice. Not only that, but Jeffra bought a new car! I was there at the Mazda dealership most of the day when she bought it (a Mazda 5) and I think it's a great car that she's very happy with and got a good deal on. Yeah Jeffra!

The weekend before that Tiff and I went on a backpacking trip with a few other people in the Chiricahua's National Monument. It was a good trip, but next time I think we might try to go a little further away from civilization. Tiffany is really looking forward to the opportunity to get mauled by a pack of enraged mountain lions on our next backpacking trip. Me too. On the plus side, our MSR nuclear fission reactor works like a charm. After splitting the atom, it was able to heat the water to boiling within something like 2 minutes. Nice!

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