Sunday, February 24, 2008

Back in Tucson

Tiff and I are back in Tucson after both being away for the better part of last week. I visited some co-workers in Pasadena who helped me reduce/analyze some data for my thesis. Tiff's visit was a lot more interesting though.

She was in White Plains, NY, for an environmental moot court competition. She and her two partners have been practicing hard all semester to get ready for the event. Unfortunately, they didn't make it past the first three preliminary rounds. However, Tiff did really awesome as it turned out, getting top oralist honors in one round and only 0.4 points off top honors in the other round. That round where she didn't get it had this really jerk-face judge whose primary comments regarding the arguments where the nature of the candidates' voices! He claimed that Tiff's voice was "meek" and "tinny" which may be why he docked points off her argument. Then he would tell these tall guys with deep voices that they gave a fantastic argument, even if those people basically just muttered their way through the argument. So he was basically just a mega-jerk. I think she ended up enjoying the competition on the whole though, which is good.

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Jessica said...

That's so awesome Tiff! Congrats.