Sunday, January 20, 2008

Yikes! Too long since the last post!

Well lots has happened since the last post. Tiff and I took a road trip through Wyoming to Salt Lake City, then Flagstaff, and finally back to Tucson. In Salt Lake Tiff had an interview with SUWA, an environmental non-profit looking for a new field attorney. It would be a great job for her and Salt Lake seemed like a very nice place to live, so we're both hoping she gets the job, but who knows with these things.

On the road trip we went snowboarding in Snowbird (UT), hiked up and rode down one run at Snowbowl in Flag, then did some cross-country skiing at the Nordic center nearby. We covered a lot of ground on the cross-country skiis and I had a lot of fun, although the downhill part was a lot tougher than I thought it would be.

I've been fighting off a cold for what seems like weeks now, which is kind of annoying. Yesterday we went hiking in Madera Canyon, which is between Mt. Wrightson and Mt. Hopkins about an hour south of Tucson.

Things have been pretty stressful at work since we got back from the road trip. I haven't been getting enough done, so I'm trying to work harder to make up for it. If I keep having to work this hard to just to stay in astronomy over the long run though, I can't see myself continuing on in it. Who knows what the future holds...

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Stephen said...

Is SLC really that nice? It seems like I would love to visit the west, but out there...miles from anyone...HAVING TO OWN A CAR...oy